History and Objectives 

The foundation meeting of the German-European Forum for Urban Security took place within the context of the 15th German Congress on Crime Prevention in Berlin on 10 May, 2010. With this meeting, the German members of the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS) joined together as a national forum in order to secure and expand the cooperation within Germany. The purposes and structures of this registered non-profit organisation are adhered in writing in the statutes of the association.


The main objective of DEFUS is an active participation in the improvement of public security standards. 

This includes the following areas: 

  • Crime prevention and fighting 
  • Intensification of communal crime prevention 
  • Traffic safety 


A membership at DEFUS offers:

  • An exchange of expert information and experience in security issues
  • An enhancement of a social climate that grants crime prevention greater significance 
  • An interconnection of offices, institutions and organisations working in the field of public security and its amelioration